More than a Million in the Streets
When the Bush Team Meets
Protest at the Republican National Convention
NO to Endless War & Repression!
NO to Bush & All He Represents!
New York City August 29-September 2

Revolutionary Worker #1247, July 25, 2004, posted at

The following call appears online at

The Republicans are coming to NYC trying to use the grief of 9/11 to advance an agenda of horrors.

More than a million in the streets saying "NO" to Bush and all he represents!

No to the lies

No to the wars for empire

No to the disregard for the health of our planet and the people who live on it

No to Patriot Acts and the attacks on civil rights

No to the packed judiciary and stolen elections

No to the demonization and repression of Arabs, Muslims and South Asians

No to racial profiling, police brutality and the criminalization of whole communities

No to the global destruction of women's rights

No to the tax cuts for the rich and punishment for the poor

No to the religious right controlling our private lives

No to everything Bush & Co. are spearheading



More than a million in the streets saying YES!

Yes to another course

Yes to another future

Yes to another way of relating to the world's peoples and to each other.

More than a million in the streets saying WE WANT A DIFFERENT FUTURE!

More than a million in the streets saying ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE!

This is the time to make history with the most massive outpouring of resistance ever.

Be in New York City, August 29 and stay for the week.

Converge from every NYC borough and neighborhood, from every state in the U.S., from all over the world to say: "You do not speak for us, George Bush--Our dissent will NOT be silenced! Another world IS possible!"


Organizations include

Action Center For Justice
African American Institute for Policy Studies and Planning
African American Lawyers Association-Hawai`i
Alternative Tenticles
American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
American Muslim Voice
Bay Area United Against War
Blue Triangle Network
Chelsea for Peace
Clergy of the Soko Bukai
Code Pink
Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights
Freedom Socialist Party
Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, Atlanta
Hawai`i Labor for Peace and Justice
Idriss Stelley Foundation
Interfaith Freedom Foundation
La Raza Centro Legal
National Movement
Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines
New York City Labor Against the War
Not in Our Name
`Ohana Koa / Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific
Puerto Rican Alliance of Los Angeles
Refuse and Resist!
SF Day Laborers
South Asians Against Police Brutality and Racism
South Bay Mobilization, San Jose
South Philadelphias Together Against Bush
The Foundry Theatre
The Lorax Society
The Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition
Ukuleles for Sanity
University of Hawai`i Peace Initiative
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, NY Metro Chapter

Individuals include

Ashton Applewhite (writer)
Edward Asner (actor)
Eleanor J Bader
Anne Balay
Russell Banks
Fay S Barrows
Kristina Bell
Medea Benjamin
Jello Biafra (artist)
William G Bird Jr
Jessica Blank (actor and playwright)
Marcia Bollea
Dr T Bowers
Barbara Braunstein
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville (professor)
Julia Butterfly (environmental activist)
John Cassella
Rev Robert W Castle
Henry Chalfant (photographer and filmmaker)
Kathleen Chalfant (actor)
Nancy Chang (attorney)
Vanessa Chong (Exec Dir of ACLU-Hawai`i)
Reed Christian
Thomas A Copeland
Peter Coyote (actor)
Charles Craig
Michael Curi
Chris Daly (SF City Supervisor)
Kevin Danaher
Ed Desmond (Navy Vietnam era veteran)
Dick Dettrey
Mark Diorio
Ross Duncan
Eve Ensler
Riva Enteen
Julia Estrella
Larry Evans
Larry Everest (author)
Elena Featherston
Nina Felshin (curator)
Fishbone (musicians)
Sally Fisher
Shem Fleenor
Geri Fox
Reg E Gaines (poet)
Danny Glover (actor)
John J Glynn
Frances Goldin (literary agent)
Leon Golub (artist)
Michael Gray
Kathryn Greene
Cheryl Guerbaoui
Anna Hall
Wes Hamilton
Joy Harjo (poet)
P Thomas Harker
Nancy CM Hartsock
Brock Hastie
Robert I Hattem
Grace M Hawkins
Tom Hayden
Jen Hazlett
James Adam Holland III
Mesha Monge Irizarry
Ron Jacobs
David Jaeger
Clarice Jensen
Earl Johnson
Ricki Lee Jones (musician)
Melanie Joseph
Kyle Kajihiro (Exec Dir of AFSC-Hawai`i)
Casey Kasem (radio personality)
Jean Khatchadourian
C Clark Kissinger (contributing writer, Revolutionary Worker)
Yuri Kochiyama
Rev Dr Earl Kooperkamp
Joyce Kozloff (artist)
Tom Krebsbach
Rev Peter Laarman (Exec Dir of Progressive Christians Uniting, LA)
Pierre Labossiere
Beth K Lamont
Greg Landau (music producer)
Jesse Lemisch
Giovanna Lepore
Brett Lewis
Barbara Lubin (Middle East Children's Alliance)
Eric Mar (SF Board of Education)
Gayle Marra
William Martinez
Patricia Mason
Carollen Mathieu
Sean McCollough
A Q McElrath
Ralph McKnight
Pat McManaman (immigrant rights attorney)
Cody Mitchell
Miguel Gavilan Molina (KPFA radio)
Robert Alex Monroe, Jr
Katalina Montero
Cynthia Monsour
Jude Rene Montarsi
Angelo Moore (musician)
Patty Morlan
Roberta J Morgan
Nettie Morano
Maya Morris
Susan Mosca
Clifford R Moseley
Joseph J Mueller
Johnathan C Mulhall
Jessica Murillo
Kevin O'Neill
Jill Nelson (author and activist)
Osha Newman (civil rights attorney)
Rev-Dr Penny Nixon (Metropolitan Community Church of SF)
Kate Noonan
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz (professor)
Michael Parenti
Geraldine M Parker
Eva Patterson (Equal Justice Society, SF)
Hon Bill Perkins (NY City Council)
Rosalind Petchesky
Jeremy Pikser (screenwriter-Bulworth)
Assad Pino
Frances Fox Piven (CUNY Faculty Grad Center)
Peter Preszon
Margaret Randall (writer and photographer)
Rev George F Regas (Interfaith Communities United For Justice and Peace)
Reno (actor)
Adrienne Rich (poet and writer)
Wilson Riles
Syed Rizvi (Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights)
Robie Robledo
Robert Rockwell (National Secretary of Refuse & Resist!)
David Rubinson
Jennifer Martin Ruggiero
Mustafa Sallak
Sonia Sanchez (poet)
James Schamus (professor)
Edmund A Schofield, Jr
Derek Shevel
Laurie Sheridan
Savannah Skye
Nicolai Sokulski
Nancy Spero (artist)
Art Spiegelman (cartoonist)
Bob Stein (The Voyager Company)
Mary Stiel
Michael Stoegbauer
Brian K Sullwold
Esther Surovell
Linda Sue Swisher
Christopher Szell
Kathryn W B Takara (poet)
Silvia Tennenbaum
Kortni Tracy
Dean Tuckerman
Julienne Verdi
Richard Washbourne
Thomas Webster
Len Weinglass (attorney)
Naomi Weisstein
Robert West
Saul Williams (artist)
Dan Wilson
Bob Wing (editor, War Times )
Billy Wolfsthal
Ali Yahiaoui
Douglass Young
Sue Zimmerman
Howard Zinn (writer and historian)
Paul H Zulkowitz