Revolution#129, May 18, 2008

Revolutionary May 1 in Berlin

According to a May 5 report from A World to Win News Service,“Many sharply contested battles occurred around the world on May Day this year. In Hamburg and Nuremberg, Germany, there were counter-demonstrations against neo-Nazi National Democratic Party rallies, which ended in cars being set ablaze and stones and bottles hurled as the police attacked with water cannons and pepper spray. Some 7,000 and 1,000 people took part, respectively.” And in Berlin, several hundred people rallied and marched through the working class and immigrant neighborhood of Kreuzberg to celebrate revolutionary May 1. In the days leading up to the march, there was “a political campaign to promote revolutionary consciousness among secondary school and university students and the lower strata of society living in the immigrant and working class neighborhoods. Around 30,000 leaflets of the call for the May 1 demonstration were distributed among these sections of the people.” At the May 1 rally, “The multinational participants chanted slogans for the overthrow of the worldwide imperialist system through revolution. They declared their international solidarity with the people of Palestine, and condemned in particular the U.S., UK, Germany and France for their imperialist collaboration and aggression. They also clearly stated that there is ‘No Liberation without Revolution.’”

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