Revolution#132, June 15, 2008

Break out of fighting each other – get with the revolution! Fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution!

The following is the text of a leaflet that was recently put out by the Revolutionary Communist Party, L.A. Branch.

Six hundred students fought on May 9th. Black and Latino students fought against each other. The authorities knew the fight was coming and didn’t do anything to prevent it. Instead, once it got going and spread, the police marched in to mace students and beat them with billy clubs.

Every news channel showed the story over and over about how Blacks and Latinos got in a “melee” at Locke High School. There were articles in the L.A. Times. The story even made it into the New York Times and national news.

The students at Locke got played by the system.

Where were all the news articles when 800 Black and Latino Locke students united with each other in September to walk out for the Jena 6? Where were the interviews about how more than 200 of them marched for miles down Imperial Highway through neighborhoods of different gangs, and were supported by people all along the way?

This system has no interest in promoting THAT kind of activity by Black and Latino people. It does have a big interest in keeping people fighting each other.

Immigrants forced off their land in Mexico and Central America are driven to risk their lives to cross a militarized border only to land in the poorest neighborhoods and worst jobs—preyed upon by employers who exploit their illegal status, and getting locked into detention centers when they are swept up by ICE. Black people are being thrown away by this system—locked out of jobs and locked in to the penitentiaries. From slavery to “Jim Crow” segregation to Katrina, America has been a hell for Black people. What kind of system keeps people competing to be exploited in shit jobs, hunted, jailed, shot down by police and robbed of our humanity? A capitalist system.

To ever have any chance of solving these problems, we need revolution.

The capitalists and imperialists who run this system are all too happy to see their words coming out of the mouths of those they oppress and keep divided. My clique, my gang, my hood, my turf, my race, my nationality over yours—this is nothing but capitalist dog-eat-dog ideology—ideology that keeps people trapped in a capitalist competition that has only them winning. Stop fighting each other and get with the revolution, and become an emancipator of all humanity.

Society does not need to be organized this way. It makes no sense to have the wealth created by the collective labor of billions the world over appropriated by a few, when today that stands in the way of solving the most basic problems people on this earth face. There is no reason people’s most basic needs can’t be met, no reason for people to be starving like the kids in Haiti eating dirt cookies, no reason for racism to keep people down, no reason to destroy the environment—except the workings of a system that is holding humanity back. With revolutionary state power people of every nationality could be part of a collective process to overcome all the divisions that have existed for generations in order to transform society for the benefit of humanity. Now is the time to build a revolutionary movement and prepare politically to bring this kind of change in the world.

What you do now matters. Wear a black and brown ribbon. Come to the unity picnic. Get and spread Revolution/Revolución newspaper (in hard copy and at

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Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Los Angeles Branch


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