Revolution#135, July 13, 2008


Shifting Tectonic Plates in the World Imperialist System

Some Reflections
by Raymond Lotta

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989-91 brought about an unprecedented situation for the United States. Never before had an imperialist power enjoyed such singular military dominance. The end of the “cold war” also ushered in a massive new wave of globalization—with U.S. imperialism its main architect and beneficiary.

But the world imperialist system has not stood still over the last 15 years. Major shifts have taken place in the distribution of global economic power. New geoeconomic blocs of countries are emerging. It is now the case that U.S. imperialism is not only facing heightened economic pressures but growing strategic challenges as well.

In this special supplement, Raymond Lotta explores trends in the world economy and some of their larger geopolitical implications. He also looks at some of the new and unexpected features of what is taking shape.

Anyone curious about the larger forces influencing world events will find much to dig into and debate in this thought-provoking research essay.

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