Revolution #139, August 10, 2008

Letter from a Reader on Supporting the Work of RCP Publications:

“a pledge and a challenge to others”

Hi Revolution:

It is with great excitement that I have read this latest issue of Revolution with the announcement of the forthcoming publication of the “Constitution of the RCP,USA” as well as the forthcoming publication of “Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy” by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the RCP,USA. My reaction in short, WE NEEDED IT YESTERDAY! I do think that this represents a badly needed ideological antidote to tackle the deadly disease of bourgeois democracy that has so many people in this country in thrall to and paralyzed by “Obama fever.” If you really wanted to look at it with a sharp eye—it is really funny to hear people accuse revolutionary Communists of promoting the “culture of the personality”—(because we want people to know about Bob Avakian being a revolutionary leader and how revolution and communism is necessary and possible), when in fact, on a daily and hourly basis, there is a very strong and real “culture of the personality” around Barack Obama. (Perhaps in two years it will be about someone else.) However, the Obama phenomenon does touch on something that is very real—that people really are distressed by what this system is doing here and around the world and are looking for a way out of this hell. People are really grappling with and yearning for how do we bring forth a different future?

Well, Obama ain’t it. He is capitalism-imperialism personified, only with a gentler, browner face. Only when people understand the world, can they actually really move forward to change it. That is why what Bob Avakian is bringing forward in the New Synthesis is so important. He is trying to ideologicalize back into this society the question of revolution and communism which has been ruled out of order by the ruling class. What is the responsibility of the people of the United States? It is to challenge the direction of this society, rupture with the whole Tony Soprano mentality that is so prevalent here in the belly of the beast. It is the responsibility to prepare the ground for revolution and hasten while awaiting. Imagine what it would be like for billions of people around the world if a movement of resistance to the crimes of this system broke forth. Then again imagine how people around the world would react when they see people of this country working to make revolution and bring forth a new, socialist society on the basis of internationalism and repudiate all oppressive and exploitative relations that this system has carried out for centuries. That a new revolutionary state which would arise out of the ashes of the old imperialist beast would then be a place where the masses of people become masters of their future and liberators of humanity. That this would be a place where all of the people’s creativity would be unleashed to build a different future―where people would be encouraged to engage on different and big questions facing humanity. Where curiosity, imagination is encouraged and unleashed, where everyone and different ideas are questioned and challenged on the basis of getting to know and change reality. That immigrants would be welcomed as our class brothers and sisters and not hunted down like dogs at the border. Where our youth in the inner cities are encouraged to bring forth a new future and not left to die in prisons, or on the streets for bullshit or die in imperialist wars.

 So, I am really excited about these new developments and want to issue a pledge and a challenge to others. I am pledging $75 now and $75 a month for the next six months in order to help bring this new revolutionary press into being, and I challenge others to do so as well. So instead of giving all of one’s money to Obama, check out Revolution and try to find where there is one single lie there. (I doubt that you will find it.) It is past time to break out of the chilling and killing comfort zone of the democratic party and do something that will really make a difference—to help make revolution here in the belly of the beast and to help create a world that we all want to live in.

In Unity-Struggle-Unity,


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