Revolution#141, August 24, 2008

An Assessment of the Momentum Towards War Between the United States and Iran: Causes and Potential Ramifications

Revolution is making available online a draft paper given to us which contains the initial results of research by a working group that delved deeply into the dynamics bound up in the relationship between U.S. imperialism and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). This analysis looks at the real compulsions towards, as well as contradictions holding back, confrontation and war. The questions examined in the paper include: the contending views in the U.S. ruling class on approach to Iran; how the imperialists in general view that regime and how Iran represents an obstacle to the U.S.’s regional as well as global needs and ambitions; how Israel enters into the dynamic; the character of the IRI; the neo-con view towards regime change and the actual prospects and potential for the regime unraveling under pressure, including possible attack; and what concretely has been the military planning in relation to Iran by the U.S. The paper also contains a very preliminary examination of what an attack on Iran might unleash in response, regionally and beyond. And more. We are sharing with our readers these substantive if initial findings to draw attention to this issue and to stimulate serious and urgent dialogue, wrangling and further examination of this very critical faultline in today’s world and its potential global impact.

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