Revolution #144, October 5, 2008

Revolution Books Presents a Program on:

Making Revolution in the U.S.A.

Do we need a revolution and a radically different society? What is happening every day—what this system does to people, day in, day out—here and all over the world, cries out: YES, WE DO.

Is revolution really possible in a country like the U.S.? YES, IT IS.

Is there actually a strategy and method for approaching how to make such a revolution? YES, THERE IS.

Is there a group that is organized on the basis of that strategy and method, is working for such a revolution and could lead that revolution when the time is right? YES, AGAIN.

Come hear some straight talk about these vital questions by speakers representing the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Then dig into this. Questions and answers on: making revolution in the U.S.A.

Tickets: $15/sliding scale for unemployed & low income
Simultaneous translation into Spanish

New York City:
Sunday, October 26, 1PM
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
515 Malcolm X Blvd. @ 135 St. NYC\
Sponsored by Revolution Books
For information call: 212.691.3345/
Directions: Subway 2 or 3 to 135th St.
Download flyer for NY program (English)

Los Angeles:
Sunday, October 26, 1 pm
Golden Eagle Ballroom
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
For information call: 213-488-1303 /

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