Revolution #146, October 26, 2008

Letters from Prisoners to Revolution

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF) sent Revolution the following letters from prisoners

The Change That’s Needed the World Over

First let me say I really love the work you positive folks are doing!! Also, I want to thank you all for the papers I was receiving. However, I only received one paper for the month of September of 08. As I’m aware the staff for the most part here are small minded and I’m of the mind they are holding the “R” back. I’m wishing to hear from the “R”, on how many times a month I should receive the “R”? And how many times the “R” sent me the “R” in Sept, 08? Thanks. I’ll send a $5.00 money order for the work. I only receive $8.50 monthly.

I’ll have you all to know I (overstand) the “R”s position on folks [who] want to believe in the insignificant change that Obama is representing. I wanted to believe that Obama would be what this U.S. Government needs to turn it away from the horrific crimes it continues to unleash on the world! As the “R” is very aware of Africans’ history in the U.S.—and many Africans the world over is only grasping at this pipe dream from the stance of Race. Which is going to be a let down on so many fronts. Considering the horrific crimes that have and is being put forward by the select few whose goals are to dominate the world, I say to this and those who so foolishly want to believe that Obama is the change we should believe in, “If you all think for a sad second that the select few is going to hand any significant power over to a African, considering Africans History dealing the world over with the U.S. and most so-called white countries, you’re sad. Further, the select few will not put a so-called white person in a position of power who’s in opposition to their (select few power).”

I’m in fact [sure] that the “R” is on the right road to bring about the right change the world needs. I have disagreements with good intention inmates about the change that’s needed the world over. Far too many of these inmates look at the conditions that folks are suffering under in other countries and use this suffering of these unfortunate people to prove that the U.S. is the best and therefore should be supported by all residing in the U.S. No matter how many ways I point out the facts that directly and indirectly the U.S. plays its hands in said murder and suffering, these unfortunate people, i.e. inmates, say I’m lucky to be in the U.S. Some even tell me if I don’t like it get out of the country!! It’s ironic that these same inmates are sitting in long term ad-seg, i.e. the hole, not knowing when they’re going to get out, even so many of them are in the hole on minor violations that does not require long term ad-seg. However, the ones that have the good sense to file a complaint on said issue are likely to still find themselves locked away way over the time required by said policies of the DOC. Just to name one injustice out of many. However, for the most part I find that most of these inmates are willing to go along with our continued oppression in the false hope things will change their self. I must say I’m impressed with how the “R” can encourage high school students to make a stand in the face of dangers!! However, I find that some of these inmates who says the “R” is on the wrong road to change, has yet to encourage any of these inmates to take steps in the right direction against our constant oppressions.

Much love to all whom struggle for true change for the oppressed of the world.

A Learning Communist

Revolutionary Greetings to you comrades of RCP Publications. May this missive discover you in beautiful spirits. I am a social prisoner that has come to be a political prisoner. I’m held hostage in one of amerika’s many gulags in the south. In fact, in the slave state of XXX here, I have established a political study group that’s designed to raise the level of awareness of my fellow prisoners to get them involved with the struggle that will liberate humanity from the epoch of exploitation and oppression. As for us being in the belly of this prison beast, we are confronted with the reality of racism, sexism, and classism, unjust conditions and the epitome of oppression.

We represent the class that Karl Marx stated are capable of the most heroic deeds and the most exalted sacrifices. We shall stake our lives on the revolution so let the ruling class tremble at the communist revolution. Yes, I’m a learning communist. I want to use all of my intelligence and energy on the making of this revolution. I am writing to request the plan and programme of your party. Also for a copy of your Constitution of the party. Can you please send to me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

dare to struggle
dare to win

P.S. I would like to continue receiving Revolution

Revolution newspaper is a vital resource that needs to be in the hands of many, many prisoners”

Prisoner, Oregon State Penitentiary


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