Revolution #147, November 16, 2008

Revolution Announces...

A Bold Initiative

Get Involved!

REVOLUTION newspaper is a communist newspaper, exposing the utter worthlessness of the current system of imperialism from a thousand angles, and showing the possibility of a better world—of a revolution—and how to get there. But it is more: it is also the “better part” of building a revolutionary movement—spreading truth in preparation for revolution, and serving as the organizing hub for the revolutionary movement. Now REVOLUTION announces a new initiative to qualitatively increase its reach and influence, to serve that revolutionary movement.

For this to happen, we need a movement of volunteers to help with every aspect of putting out this paper. We are inviting everyone who wants to, and can, to be part of that.

* REVOLUTION needs correspondents and reporters. We need people who will go into the neighborhoods after a police shooting or other outrage, call meetings, expose the system, learn the true story, and inspire people to resist, even as they engage with a revolutionary analysis and solution...correspondents on college campuses, going to events, getting the paper out in classes and coffee shops, writing to the paper with what they learn struggling over philosophy and culture, and how all this fits into the revolution....

* REVOLUTION needs Spanish translators, and beyond that, a fully bilingual movement around this paper—including Spanish-speaking correspondents, so that this paper can reflect and serve a bilingual revolutionary movement, and represent the kind of society and world that revolution—a communist revolution—will bring into being.

* REVOLUTION needs photographers, artists, designers and layout people, to help produce newspaper covers, back page posters, centerspreads and picture stories, and page layouts that stop people in their tracks on the street, get them to take out their earphones, and start reading REVOLUTION.

* REVOLUTION needs web people—designers and people with technical skills, to transform our website and help create a compelling, accessible, attractive and reliable way to spread REVOLUTION across the Internet. This is one key way people across the country and around the world can connect with this paper.

* REVOLUTION is building a network of volunteer fundraisers, JOIN US NOW. To produce our paper, to make these transformations in our paper, to move our paper to New York City requires funds...urgently and in an ongoing way. And donate generously online at or mail your contribution to RCP Publications at Box 3486 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654

BECOME A SUSTAINER...sign up on line, go into your local Revolution Books/Libros Revolución, or make arrangements with your newspaper distributor.

* And more! REVOLUTION needs people to write to our paper. We want to hear from and “dialog” with you. Send in your comments. And what are you learning when you take this issue out? What questions are we encountering...and what are the debates and controversies...and what creative ways have people found to get this issue into the hands of different kinds of people?

With this issue, we announce a bold, mass initiative to transform the reach, role and content of this newspaper in major ways: The REVOLUTION Initiative.

The REVOLUTION Initiative comes in a time of major economic crisis...a time of two U.S. invasions and more being threatened...and a time of major changes in the thinking of people as to what is possible and—if we urgently seize the openings—what is needed. This is a time that demands a much more powerful and broadly distributed newspaper—and website—one that can more fully, directly and deeply contribute to the work of hastening the motion toward, and preparing the people for, a revolutionary situation.

The REVOLUTION Initiative involves making real leaps in building a revolutionary movement around this newspaper. This initiative involves bringing many new people into the concrete work of distributing and raising money for and producing this newspaper. This initiative involves centering the production of the newspaper in New York City.

And this initiative needs to involve YOU.

Today...and Tomorrow

Revolution today is an invaluable paper, a paper which week after week shows WHAT is happening, WHY it’s happening, and HOW a whole other world is possible. It lays bare the worthlessness of this system—and what we need to do to get rid of it.

Revolution tomorrow will be filled with a still broader range of articles, graphics and picture stories that speak to people from every part of society...exposing in vivid ways what is at work behind and beneath all the twists and turns in society and the world...reporting on and drawing together all the strands and streams of protest and rebellion...and addressing the biggest questions in the realm of ideas and morality.

Revolution today gives people a vital sense of what is going on in building a revolutionary movement.

Revolution tomorrow will do much more of that—it will serve as a forum for people to dialog and share experience, to debate and grapple with all the big questions of how to make revolution and how to keep on making revolution once power has been seized. And it will do all this in both English and Spanish.

Revolution today publishes and highlights the work of Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Revolution today is the place where you can first connect with many of these path-breaking works—works that form a bridge between the communist revolutions of the past, and the communist revolution of the future. And Revolution today is where you can get to know this leader through his speaking and writing on a whole range of topics.

Revolution tomorrow will continue that and more—it will serve as a forum in which the efforts to popularize this work throughout U.S. society and the world—and the responses of a whole range of people to that work will be highlighted and gone into.

Revolution today gets out to thousands in Spanish and English.

Revolution tomorrow will get out in a societal way...reaching and impacting tens of thousands. Revolution tomorrow will lead a movement of distribution. Distributors of this paper will be doing the work of hastening and preparing for revolution—training people to think and act together, to view every event in society from the standpoint of making revolution and emancipating humanity, and to do as much as possible to bring forward a revolutionary people, ready to actually make revolution when the time is ripe. And the networks of readers that will grow up around this paper will form a backbone of revolutionary organization in this country, organization which links people in housing projects and the mean streets of the cities, students and professors on the college campuses, people in rural areas and suburbs, and more.

Revolution today needs financial support to make these transformations.

Revolution tomorrow must lead a mass movement of fundraising...with people finding all kinds of creative ways to raise money to ensure Revolution can be produced, printed and put up on the web each week—and that it can be distributed far and wide. Raising money for this paper each month will be taken up energetically—and in an ongoing way—by teams that form everywhere to win masses of people to financially support this paper, turning the necessity of financial support into a way to enable growing numbers of people to contribute to and be part of the revolutionary movement.

Revolution today is distributed from and discussed at Revolution Books/Libros Revolución stores across the country. Revolution tomorrow will be at the hub of a revolutionary mix centered in and emanating out of these stores—even as similar scenes will also radiate out of regular spots in key neighborhoods or smaller cities. Each week when the paper arrives hot off the press, people will gather in these stores to see what is in the latest issue and get stacks to take out in the world, sharing the controversies and experiences with the last issue—and keeping their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in these heavy times.

Revolution tomorrow will be in the thick of the debate wherever people gather to talk about what’s happening in the world...and wherever people are fighting the power. Revolution will be there when someone is gunned down in cold blood by the police, when critical thinking and dissent are attacked on college campuses, wherever there are outbreaks of protest and rebellion, in the mix and acting like a magnet, drawing forward and learning from the revolutionary sentiments of the people...recruiting reporters...spreading the word of what has happened and compelling people to respond. Revolution tomorrow will be essential to fighting the power, to filling people with an irresistible desire to resist. And Revolution will also challenge the people to raise their heads from the muck and mire, to take up the communist outlook and ethic and transform their outlook, for revolution.

Revolution today is produced by dedicated but far too few people. Revolution tomorrow will enlist—beginning now—many more people into this work. Revolution tomorrow will be centered in New York City. These concentrated efforts in New York City will make it possible to make real leaps in concretely bringing forward and involving people in these efforts—as well as providing a catalyst and magnet that can echo and reverberate to other major cities and across the country. When youth (and others) show up in New York with their suitcases and sleeping bags, wanting to work with Revolution, there will be assignments for all and everyone will be able to jump right away into the exciting mix of revolutionary theory and practice to change the world and make revolution.

And Revolution tomorrow, even as it will be centered in New York, will link up with and draw on this growing revolutionary movement around the country to produce this paper. People will gather each week at Revolution Books stores, or other regular spots, to contribute to every aspect of the production of this paper—wrangling over the writing of articles, developing creative ways to expose the dark forces at work beneath every outrage and to bring forward the revolutionary solution in pictures and graphics, developing hard hitting posters and graphics.

Revolution today is up on the Internet, introducing people to this paper, the works of Bob Avakian and archiving all the issues of our paper.

But Revolution tomorrow must have an exciting, redesigned web site, drawing on the creativity and expertise of many people to find the ways to spread this exposure and communist analysis to every corner of society. Connecting with, engaging and interacting with people in all walks of life who are drawn to revolution and to this revolutionary analysis—from the cities and the rural areas in this country to the megacities and shantytowns throughout the world.

Revolution tomorrow must be the hub and pivot of a whole movement that is ALIVE WITH REVOLUTION—full of political debate and discussion of articles, current political and cultural events, and burning philosophical questions. A movement of people straining to understand and transform the world.

For those who dream that the world can be another way... For those who want to know the truth about how the planet can truly be liberated... For those who cannot wait another day for revolution, and want to set about the work of hastening that time, building a movement concretely working for REVOLUTION and bringing forward a revolutionary people:


Send us your comments.

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