Revolution #149, November 30, 2008

Give a Gift That Really Matters!


“For those who dream that the world can be another way... For those who want to know the truth about how the planet can truly be liberated... For those who cannot wait another day for revolution, and want to set about the work of hastening that time, building a movement concretely working for REVOLUTION and bringing forward a revolutionary people: VOLUNTEER FOR, AND SUPPORT, THE REVOLUTION INITIATIVE!” (Revolution Announces...
A Bold Initiative,” available at

Dear Revolution readers,

In a holiday season of foreclosures, increasing world hunger, endless war and dangerous illusions: Give a gift that really matters!

As a part of the mass movement of fundraising for Revolution newspaper, we’re writing to encourage you to take the holiday giving season as an opportunity to raise funds for the Revolution Initiative announced in Revolution #147. Two great holiday ideas are writing personal letters to your family and friends asking them to give generously to this effort, and having a holiday fundraising party.

Here’s what you do for the letter: think through a number of the people you know—friends, family and colleagues—who want a better world, write a personal letter introducing them to Revolution newspaper and include the announcement of Revolution’s Bold Initiative. Tell them about the need for funds for a more powerful and broadly distributed revolutionary communist newspaper and website. Let them know what it will mean to unleash this whole movement around Revolution, including centering the newspaper in New York City. If those you are writing to contributed to the Revolution fund drive last year, now is the time to again thank them for their generous contribution and ask them to renew their yearly donation.  Ask everyone you write to give generously towards the $60,000 needed by March for the first phase of these efforts.

Also, encourage them to subscribe in addition to giving a contribution and encourage them to buy gift subscriptions for their friends and family. Tell them why you think Revolution newspaper makes a critical difference in these highly charged ideological times and why they should be reading it week in and week out. Send a copy of your letter to Revolution (email to or send to RCP Publications, Box 3486 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654). When you send out your letter, include an envelope so people can respond easily, and send them a link to, where they can donate or sustain online. Finally—but very important—follow up with a phone call a few days after they receive your letter.

In terms of the holiday party, make it simple and fun. There are lots of ways to throw a fundraising party without having to spend a bunch of money: charge at the door, do a fund pitch, have a potluck, charge for refreshments and more.

This newspaper is bringing people truth in preparation for revolution and hope that is founded on the real possibilities for fundamental change in this world. If you want this newspaper out there, if you see the potential difference this can make, on many different levels, then let’s go all out this holiday giving season to raise funds! 

From readers


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