Revolution Online, December 12, 2008

Reports of Israel Preparing Options for a Strike on Iran

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I was driving this morning listening to the Warren Ballentine radio show and the content of the segment I was listening to was a conversation about Israel striking Iran’s nuclear facilities soon. I didn’t know if this was something that just got released as a top news story, and became extremely concerned. I called around to see if anyone heard about it and if they could do some investigation. The investigation didn’t turn up anything on U.S. top news, but when I was able to get to a computer I did find a couple stories today in the International Press.

The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 4, 2008, had a story headlined, “IDF Preparing Options for Iran Strike,” (

And I found an article from the Chinese news agency, “Israeli Army Mulls Strike against Iran's Nuke Sites without U.S. Green Light,” at

It has been the talk for a year or more that there is going to be a likely attack on Iran from Israel after the American presidential election and before Bush leaves office, especially if Obama is elected. I think with the focus on Obama and the shaping of his administration, Iran and this danger has fallen off the radar. I was taken back this morning listening to the conversation, and realized that we better put this danger of an attack back onto people’s radars and get them poised for this possibility anytime now. I also think that we should re-issue and build the emergency response network World Can’t Wait started to initiate a while back in the event an attack on Iran.

The callers, at least for the ½ hour or so I was able to listen, across the board were against such war moves. They thought that the U.S. should not come to Israel’s aid, some said including Warren Ballentine, they believed that publicly the U.S. will say they are not supportive of the strikes, but behind the scenes they are coordinating with Israel. There was also sentiment that this could be the spark for a WW3. I am not sure why this was the topic today, because when I came into it, it was already being discussed.

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