Revolution #150, December 14, 2008

We received the following from the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund:

Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund

This Holiday Season Contribute to PRLF

Revolution newspaper is a vital resource that needs to be in the hands of many, many prisoners.”

-Prisoner, Oregon State Penitentiary

Our Mission Statement

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF) is an educational literature fund that fills requests from U.S. prisoners for revolutionary literature.

The main requests received by PRLF from those behind bars are for complimentary subscriptions in Spanish and English to the weekly newspaper Revolution* and for revolutionary and other books, including ones highlighted in the newspaper. Through providing this literature, PRLF provides an educational opportunity for prisoners to engage with world events and key political, cultural, and philosophical questions of the day from a unique revolutionary perspective, including discussions of morality, religion, science, and the arts. Every week prisoners can delve into the urgent and lively news and debate about unfolding political and social struggles, and can critically think about and dissect the current state of society as well as search for an alternative.

PRLF works to counter increasing censorship that seeks to deny prisoners access to Revolution newspaper and the other revolutionary literature requested.

*published by RCP Publications (

Again this year, hundreds of prisoners have written inspiring letters to the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund requesting subscriptions to Revolution newspaper. As the numbers of men and women being incarcerated in this country skyrockets, Revolution can be a lifeline. It connects them to events in the world, and enables them to understand and interact with the critical issues of our time. And it engages them about what a future society could be. Over the last year PRLF’s subscriptions to prisoners have grown from 700 to 900, and new requests arrive every week for the paper and other literature. Funds are urgently needed to fill these requests and to further expand PRLF’s outreach to Spanish-speaking and women prisoners.

Start a New Holiday Tradition

Buy a Revolution subscription for one or more prisoners and renew the subscriptions each year at this time. Donate a gift subscription in the names of friends or family members, and ask us for gift cards to send your loved ones. Give generously to refill current subscriptions and fill the growing requests for the newspaper and literature, as well as fight the censorship that blocks the prisoners’ access to this lifeline to world-wide events and ideas.

To volunteer or to contact PRLF: (773) 793-8637
Visit our web site at:



What Prisoners Are Saying About PRLF

I’ve been receiving Revolution free for over five years. Every year I tell myself, ‘Maybe this is the year they’ll need to commit their limited resources elsewhere in the struggle,’ and I definitely can’t be mad at that! The foundation has been laid. Nothing else to do but build on it and contribute where/when I can!

Yet, to this day I continue to receive Revolution each week. But let me tell you! Many benefit from this one paper I receive, a testament to its importance behind enemy lines! It gets circulated and requested wherever I gofrom the mainline to the Ad-Segs (Administrative Segregation) to the SHUs (Segregated Housing Units). Sometimes I don’t get it back for weeks and weeks, and it’s brown and tattered from having passed under so many cell doors and into so many anticipating hands. I love getting it returned all underlined and creased, with notes and ideas scribbled in the margins, sometimes not getting it returned at all! How wonderful! It’s so amazing to see furrowed brows and hear perplexed discussion and debate over the tier, as captives begin to call into question why things really are the way they are; how exactly we’ve been inculcated and indoctrinated by our oppressor to see the world and our place in it a certain way (the way they’d like, that keeps us oppressed and exploited!); how our captivity and the repressive measures of the bourgeois state apparatus is all a part of the workings of the system.”

Your Donation Can Make a Real Difference NOW:

$35 will fill a request for a one-year subscription to Revolution
$175 will allow 5 prisoners to get a one-year subscription
$250 will honor many requests for books and literature
$3,500 will cover half of the projected new subscriptions for women prisoners

Your Tax Deductible Gift will Support:

$31,500 to renew 900 current subscriptions in Jan-Feb, 2009
$10,500 to honor 25 requests per month for new subscriptions
$7,000 special campaign for new women prisoner subscribers
$6,000 for literature
$6,000 for expenses to fight censorship
$14,000 for office space, part-time staff and web site

Contributions to Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund, a project of the International Humanities Center are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Checks should be made payable to IHCenter/PRLF and mailed to:

International Humanities Center
860 Via de la Paz, Suite B-1
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund
1321 N. Milwaukee, #407
Chicago, IL 60622

You can also make a non-tax deductible donation by mailing a check or money order made out to Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund to the PRLF address above.

Download a printable PDF flyer.

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