Revolution Online, December 14, 2008

Letter from Prisoner on Gay Marriage

In case a woman is having a running discharge, and her running discharge proves to be blood, she should continue seven days in her menstrual impurity and anyone touching her will be unclean till evening. And anything upon which she may lie down will be unclean and everything upon which she sits will be unclean. And anyone touching her bed shall wash his garments and must bathe and be unclean until evening.

Leviticus 15:20-22


If we allow them to ban homosexual marriage, will we allow them to push these backward sentiments on us as well?

Will we be forced to wear sideburns even if we don’t want to, as defined in Leviticus 19:27?

Or will we even allow death to homosexuals as called for in 20:13 or adultery in 20:10?

How about banning rabbit and pork from being sold in restaurants for it is forbidden to eat. Lev 11:6,7. As well as medium rare meat, Lev 3:17.

Do we allow divorce to be banned?

No, we can not afford to be held to these out-dated religious views. We cannot allow any religious fanatic to force upon us their views.

In 1 Corinthians it states that women should not speak in church; it even states it is disgraceful for them to do so and that if they have any questions they should wait until they get home and then ask their husbands. 14:34.

It also states that women should only pray with something covering her head (11:14) as well as men should not have long hair and women should not have short hair.

Now, I would gladly debate anyone who believes this is how a church should function and that no woman should allow herself to be treated this way. But I would never dare to push my views down her throat or the churches for that matter. If somehow she should allow herself to be treated like this and she knew she did not have to. I could not go any further in my debate.

Even in a revolutionary society I would not support banning her or the church from these practices no matter how foolish I think they are.

Nor should we allow others to define marriage for any two consenting adults. Likewise we should not allow any religion to dictate popular culture or education. I was very disheartened to see how we let the gay and lesbian community stand alone as if that’s “their struggle”…

I was reading the article about Locke High and the issue with Blacks vs. Browns in the inner city. Well to speak honestly, I do get angry, emotional and it’s even hard for me not to personalize some of the things that go on. But I never would allow the state to single them out on any issue, immigration or otherwise, even in the face of all the current bullshit. Because I know when we learn to go up against the state, only in that struggle will we solve our problems.

In fact, that’s what we need more of, mass protests in here and out there, we must call everyone out and we must support and welcome all.

But we cannot afford to allow anyone to stand alone.

Just wanted to write to express my sentiments. Much work to do. Hope you guys speak to this issue (not that you don’t, united front. Etc.) but I think its good to reaffirm revolutionary principles and morality in the face of all this division and complacency.

In struggle,


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