Revolution #151, December 28, 2008


An Intense, Invigorating Program on “Morality Without Gods”

On Thursday, November 20, an overflow crowd of 200 heard Sunsara Taylor, Massimo Pigliucci and Paul Eckstein in an exchange on “Morality Without Gods,” at New York University in New York City. Sponsored by Atheists, Agnostics & Freethinkers at NYU and Equal Time for Freethought on radio WBAI- NY, the presentations, the exchange between the panelists, and the engagement with the audience was an intense and invigorating experience—something there needs to be much more of!


Watch the “Morality Without Gods” Program on YouTube
Video clips from the November 20 program “Morality Without Gods” at New York University are available on YouTube at:


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