Revolution #151, December 28, 2008

A Question for the Kool-Aid Drinkers:

Back then you supported Barack Obama because you didn’t like the way that Bush was giving backing to the reactionary Christian fascist movement which aimed to impose its morality on society.

But now Barack Obama announced that Rick Warren will give the invocation at his inauguration. This inauguration, of course, is being vested with all kinds of symbolic significance, way beyond the ordinary. And now Obama has given Rick Warren a major part, and platform, as some sort of moral authority with the power to call down blessings on to Obama and America.

Rick Warren, this “moral paragon,” not only believes but actively attempts to impose as law the following reactionary ideas:

The demonization and denial of rights to gay people; the refusal of the most basic and intimate rights to women; and the suppression of critical thought—all to be enforced by the power of law. This is Rick Warren’s morality and this is (part of) his very political agenda. And now Barack Obama uses the power of his office to announce to the world, from the very first moment of his term, that this friendly-faced Christian Fascist is an important authority on morality, whose lunatic and reactionary spouting should be accorded great prominence and serious consideration.

Question: is this the change you want? Is this the change you believe in?

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