Revolution #152, January 11, 2009

Protest at NY Grand Central Station Denounces Israeli Massacre

We received the following report from a reader:

January 5, 2009. Commuters in New York’s Grand Central station were confronted with a most unexpected sight during Monday afternoon’s rush hour. For one hour, two lines of demonstrators bearing placards denouncing the Israeli massacre in Gaza stretched across the grand concourse, through which thousands of commuters were making their way. The signs bore color photographs of civilian casualties from the Israeli bombing of Gaza with slogans such as “STOP THE ISRAELI MASSACRE OF GAZA” and “U.S. SUPPORTS WAR CRIMES IN GAZA.” What started at 5:30 with 35 protestors quickly grew into a very multinational crowd of 75, with some passing commuters asking for signs to join in the action. 1,000 leaflets were handed out, and at 6:00 pm a blast from an air horn signaled the start of chanting: “Israel. Stop the Massacre!” Some commuters warmly thanked the activists for being there; others stopped to argue. Shreen Elkenani, a young artist who helped to organize the action said,  “My family was saying there is not much you can do. No, we have to stand up for human rights to the bitter end.”

Read leaflet distributed at station (PDF)

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