Revolution #152, January 11, 2009

Around the Globe:

Taking to the Streets to Stop the U.S.-Backed Israeli Massacre in Gaza

An outpouring of protest has swept the world against the attack by Israel on the people of Gaza. In many of the protests, the U.S. is being called out for sponsoring Israel’s attack, with the burning of Bush effigies and the throwing of shoes. Demonstrators have found ways to say “We are all Palestinians,” carrying photos of dead and wounded civilians and the devastation in Gaza.

San Francisco, December 30


Paris, France, January 3: Protestors brave police tear gas.
AP photo


Jakarta, Indonesia, January 2
AP photo


Cairo, Egypt, December 31: Police attack protestors. The Egyptian government has closed off Egypt’s border with Gaza, locking out food, fuel and medicine and trapping Palestinians in the deadly Israeli assault.
AP photo


London, UK, January 3: Protestors confront police in front of the Israeli Embassy.
AP photo


Mexico CIty, December 31
AP photo


New York City, December 28
Photo: NYC Indymedia


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