Revolution #153, January 18, 2009

Critical Fundraising Challenges…
& Inspiring Resources at REVCOM.US

In issue #147, Revolution announced a bold, mass initiative to transform the reach, role and content of this newspaper in major ways that are pivotal to making real leaps in building a revolutionary movement. This initiative involves bringing many new people into the concrete work of distributing and raising money for and producing this newspaper. This initiative involves centering the production of the newspaper in New York City. Rising to this challenge has to be posed to every reader of Revolution, and to everyone who seriously yearns for real change.

But it is not a given that this will happen. Fighting through to raise $60,000 for these initiatives by March, and to lay the basis for a growing movement of sustainers as part of the revolutionary movement, is an urgent and critical necessity. There are inspiring tools for fundraising at, along with shared experiences. Use them energetically and creatively to challenge people with a vivid picture of how these fundraising initiatives fit into the big picture of building a revolutionary movement. And write to Revolution newspaper to share your experiences doing this.

Download, print, and use the four-page color PDF brochure: REVOLUTION ANNOUNCES... A BOLD INITIATIVE as a basic overview of the fund drive for Revolution newspaper.

Download and print the color PDF poster:
What difference will sustaining this newspaper make?

Include in fundraising packets: Correspondence on Obama from a Prisoner: This Could Lead People to Support this Juggernaut and All Its Death and Destruction, and a letter from a woman ex-prisoner: The Women Locked Up Should Be Exposed To This Information

Shared experiences: Interview on Fundraising Among Professors: Welcoming the Tough Questions, and Fundraiser for Revolution: Ceviche, Gorditas, and Strawberries and Cream

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