Revolution #153, January 18, 2009

Protests Worldwide Oppose Massacre in Gaza

As the horror of Israel’s assault on Gaza intensifies daily and hourly, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have mobilized to demand an end to this outrage. The protests have included the survivors of the massacre in Bosnia at Srebrenica in 1995, human rights activists in Bangladesh, Israeli Palestinians under the guns of the Israeli military, and protest actions in Seoul, Paris, Vienna, London, Berlin, New York City, Manila, Marseille, and many other cities around the world.


Some 500 university students hurled sticks at police and tried to break through the barbed wire fence outside the heavily fortified U.S. Embassy in the northern suburb of Aukar, Lebanon, January 5. Police responded with water hoses in a bid to push the protesters back.
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Tens of thousands in Algiers demonstrate in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, January 9, 2009.
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Friday, January 2, Chicago saw an outpouring of 4,000 people in outrage against the U.S.-backed Israeli massacre in Gaza. There have been vigils and other smaller protests in the week leading up to Friday, but this marked a leap in the size of the resistance in this city
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Palestinian youths throw stones at Israeli police officers near East Jerusalem’s Old City, West Bank, January 9.
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Members of LA Jews for Peace hold a silent peace vigil outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles on January 7.
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In New York’s Grand Central station during the afternoon rush hour on January 5, two lines of demonstrators bearing placards denouncing the Israeli massacre in Gaza stretched across the grand concourse, through which thousands of commuters were making their way. The signs bore color photographs of civilian casualties from the Israeli bombing of Gaza with slogans such as “STOP THE ISRAELI MASSACRE OF GAZA” and “U.S. SUPPORTS WAR CRIMES IN GAZA.”
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