Revolution #157, February 22, 2009

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Voice of Revolutionary Women from Iran

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“A story of courage, vision, and determination to fight for a different world”

Revolution correspondent Michael Slate interviews S., an Iranian woman who traveled to Los Angeles to participate in the 2008 International Women’s Day action. Her experience as a revolutionary began as a student in Los Angeles during the days when the U.S. puppet Shah was in power in Iran. As the Iranian revolution drove the Shah from power, she joined thousands of Iranian students who returned to Iran to carry forward the aims of the revolution—a revolution which through twists and turns ended up being consolidated as the reactionary Islamic Republic of Iran. Through the years of revolutionary struggle, imprisonment, and finally finding revolutionary communist organization again today, her story is one of courage, vision, and determination to fight for a different world.


Interview with Former Iranian Political Prisoner

“Still the Resistance Continued…”

Anahita was tortured and spent eight years in prison at the hands of the Khomeini regime. Revolution correspondent Li Onesto interviews Ana, a courageous revolutionary opponent of both the Islamic fundamentalist regime and the U.S. imperialists.


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