Revolution #157, February 22, 2009

Statement by Fr. Luis Barrios

Raising Funds for and Expanding the Reach of Revolución

Revolution newspaper is a vehicle in English and Spanish, educating about the real issues. Take the example of immigration issue—it does critical analysis, why people come here, how they came, interdependence between struggle here and countries people come from, connections with class struggle, xenophobia and immigration control laws.

Revolution newspaper challenges people: It asks you what are you going to do about it? It points to revolutionary solutions. Why subscribe? It is a revolutionary investment. Subscribe, my friend, it’s important. Subscribing is a revolutionary act. 

Some of us have the ability to contribute more—donate so others can get this newspaper.

Like I always say, “Knowledge is power”—we need to empower people for the revolution.

As a religious person, I see spirituality connected to the search for the truth. This newspaper brings truth to the people. This newspaper is an important vehicle for revolution.

I make photocopies of articles for students in my classes. A lot of the articles relate to classes I teach, such as “Latinos/Latinas in the U.S. Prison System,” These are powerful articles that mean a lot to my students.

Editor’s note: An interview with Fr. Barrios is online in this issue of Revolution.

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