Revolution #158, March 8, 2009


The Murder of Oscar Grant and the Nationwide Epidemic of Police Brutality and Murder

Revolution Books and the Bay Area Revolution Club announce a People’s Tribunal on the murder of Oscar Grant and the nationwide epidemic of police brutality to be held in Oakland on Sunday, March 22 from 2-6 pm.

A People’s Tribunal is crucial because Oscar Grant and thousands more nationwide have been shot, tasered, pepper-sprayed or beaten to death by law enforcement. Yet in the last 15 years, only 6 cops were even charged with murder—and none convicted!

The full story of Oscar Grant’s murder has not been told. The system must not be allowed to cover it up and let killer-cop Johannes Mehserle walk free. The People’s Tribunal will expose the truth about the killing of Oscar Grant and the nationwide epidemic of police brutality.

Attendees will hear relatives of victims of police murder, journalists, legal experts, arrested activists, and others present testimony, evidence and analysis of:

Witnesses include:

Zeporia Smith: Auntie of Oscar Grant, mother of Oscar's best friend
Oscar was killed by BART Police on January 1, 2009

Robin Glenn: Auntie of Jody Mack Woodfox and Aisha Coleman, former partner of Jody and mother of Jody's son
Jody was killed by Oakland Police Officer Hector Jimenez on July 25, 2008

Family of Jose Buenrostro
Jose was killed by Oakland Police on March 19, 2008

Patricia Johnson: sister of Anita Gay
Anita was killed by Berkeley Police on Feb. 16, 2008

Sonya Wahnee: mother of Andrew Moppin
Andrew was killed by Oakland Police Officer Hector Jimenez on December 31, 2007

Ara Jo: Cousin of Michael Chou
Michael was killed by La Habra Police on Dec. 31, 2007

Meesha Irizarry: mother of Idriss Stelley
Idriss was killed by San Francisco Police, June 13th, 2001

Danny Garcia: brother of Mark Garcia
Mark was killed by San Francisco Police, April 6, 1996

Rashidah Grinage: Wife of Raphael, Mother of Luke
Luke and Raphael Grinage were killed by Oakland Police on December 15, 1993

Cornelius Hall: father of Jerrold Hall (written testimony)
Jerrold was killed by BART Police November 15, 1992

Karen Saari, researcher and director of the Stolen Lives Project

Amnesty International

Clyde Young, Revolutionary Communist Party




Bay Area Revolution Club 510-725-8754
Revolution Books 510-848-1196


NEW DATE & TIME: Sunday, March 22nd, 2-6pm
Where:  Calvin Simmons Middle School Cafeteria
2101 35th Ave, Oakland (south of Fruitvale Avenue, east of Foothill Boulevard. Enter 35th Avenue Gate for parking lot.)

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