Revolution #165, May 24, 2009

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Torture is a War Crime

Thursday, May 28
National Day of Resistance to U.S. Torture

In response to an ACLU lawsuit, Obama announced he will not release photos documenting detainee abuse in U.S. facilities because releasing the photos would create “anti-American” sentiments. Would these photos draw outrage and resistance to America’s torture state? Hell yes! Torture is immoral and resistance to this IS what is needed.

Release the Torture Photos!
Prosecute the War Criminals!

The torture memos released last month show that torture was widespread, sustained, and systemic, not an “aberration” but an integral part of the global war of terror. The Obama Administration, which is continuing indefinite detention, CIA rendition, Bush’s executive powers, and denying Bagram detainees the right to challenge their detention, says prosecution of torturers would stop them from “moving forward.” Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi knew about the torture as early as 2002, but said and did nothing to stop it.

Visible Resistance Actions in May!

It’s up to the people to act! World Can’t Wait and other groups are planning non-violent civil resistance protests, programs digging into the substance of the charges, water-boarding and rendition re-enactments, and film showings in communities around the country to demand prosecution of the Bush era war criminals.

More information, listings, posters, flyers & background on the war criminals at

Wherever the Bush era war criminals are appearing this month, raise the cry “Torture is a War Crime! Prosecute!”

•    WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA: West Hollywood City Hall hangs a “NO TORTURE!” Banner.  Actors John Heard & Mark Ruffalo, and director Paul Haggis meet with the press.  More information from 323-462-4771

•    ORANGE CO, CA: Friday, May 22. Graduation at Chapman University Law School, where war criminal John Yoo has been teaching this semester.

•    LOS ANGELES: Saturday, May 23, 3 pm. Michael Haas will discuss and sign his book George W. Bush, War Criminal? The Bush Administration’s Liability for 269 War Crimes at Libros Revolucion bookstore, 312 W. 8th St., LA 213-488-1303

•    NYC: Sunday, May 24, 1:15 pm. Film: Taxi to the Dark Side. Resistance Cinema at Community Church of NY, 40 East 35th St. 866-973-4463

•    NYC: Tuesday, May 26, 6 pm. Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue, NYC. Karl Rove appearance will be protested. 866-973-4463

Protests on May 28

•    NYC: John Negroponte, Bush intelligence czar, presents an award to General Petraeus, architect of the Iraq surge. Union League Club, 38 E. 37th Street (between Park & Madison), NYC. Orange jumpsuit action at Grand Central Station, 5 pm; march to Union League Club. 866-973-4463

•    BOSTON: Harvard Square, Cambridge MA 2 pm - 4 pm. Protest Douglas Feith, a visiting scholar at Harvard, who admits he played a “major role” in Bush’s decision to suspend Geneva Convention rights for detainees at Guantánamo. 866-973-4463

•    CHICAGO: Karl Rove at the Chicago Theater, 175 N. State Street, Chicago. 6 pm. 773-227-2453

•    HOUSTON: Freeze Against Torture. 3:00 pm Meet at the corner of Pressler & Fannin; 4:00 pm corner of Westheimer & Post Oak; 5:30 pm
@ Montrose Bridge. Freeway blogging.

•    SEATTLE: Protest at CIA recruiters office, University of Washington.  12:00 noon at Red Square. Plans underway for protests June 13
when Defense Sec’y Robert Gates speaks at commencement.

•    SF BAY AREA: The Bay Area has five Bush war criminals (Yoo, Bybee, Haynes, Rice, and Pelosi). Plans underway. Contact 415-864-5153

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