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RE: Obama in Cairo: A Speech of Lies To Enforce a SYSTEM of Oppression

Comment: I am totally behind this article. It is my understanding that religion of whatever denomination blinds the masses of oppressed people not to be able to see the realities of their oppression and exploitation. The oppressors regard religion as the most powerful instrument to control the masses and Obama cleverly uses it by upgrading certain religion to sound open minded but legitimizing its oppressing qualities.

RE: Tijuana, Mexico: Rebellion and Massacre at La Mesa Penitentiary

Comment: I was @ La Mesa during the riots. I just got out after three and one half years. I saw the bodies. I was beaten by the Federales and have the scars. I’m just a white boy with a bad memory of starvation, overcrowding and abuse from every direction. La Mesa is hell on earth-and it still goes on-does anyone care? I was a trustee and saw many things I shouldn’t have.

RE: No “Common Ground” With Fascists and Women-Haters! Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!

Comment: I would like to ask this question to the so-called "pro-lifers":  at what point in time does the right of the woman become superseded by the right of the fetus?  When God gave man free choice, where, in the Bible, does it say that all humans have the right of choice, except for pregnant females? Their primary and everlasting goal, indeed, is and will always be, to deny women free choice. And if they espouse thou shalt not kill, how do they explain support for the death penalty?


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