Revolution #171, August 2, 2009

From Chicago:

Brave New Voices

One highpoint of the first week getting the message, and call, from the Revolutionary Communist Party out into society was the national Brave New Voices annual competition (you can see highlights on youtube)—featuring 500 amazingly creative and talented young poets from 50 cities around the country. Leaflets, newspapers and cd’s of the Cornel West/Carl Dix dialogue in Harlem went back to many cities, like Fort Lauderdale; Santa Fe; Provincetown .... At a special festival in the generally poor and multinational Uptown area, rhymes were flying from Saul Williams, Rebel Diaz and the BNV’s poets, while break dancers and graffiti artists competed. In the midst of this scene, the revolutionaries set up a vibrant tent—intersecting with community activists and social services providers whose funding is being slashed to the bone—all of which was making revolution more attractive. A young Native American woman may be able to help get the statement out to reservations in other parts of the country.

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