Revolution #171, August 2, 2009

"What’s Gonna Happen When They Grow Out Of the Shoes?"

After many years of wishing that something radical and revolutionary would come to this world, I gave up thinking that there were others who wanted a different and better world, just like I did. I had not yet met Revolution newspaper! When I first began to read Revolution, my life was too busy dealing with a lot of everyday stuff like being a mom, working and just trying to keep up with life. Then as I began to read and understand what this paper is about (revolution and communism and what that means) I began to re-evaluate all the expectations that I had lost for humanity. My life and point of view began to change. It was great to learn that I was not the only person who wanted and believed that this world could be better. To run across this newspaper meant that now I had something real meaningful to work on, something that can make a real and positive change in the world.

The most important thing about all this is not just how my life changed, but how the lives of others can change too. Revolution newspaper was the first important step in changing my life and transforming it into a life with meaning. Bringing Revolution to people is as crucial as the foundation of a skyscraper. Most people put all their revolutionary thoughts and ideas in the back of their mind, instead of fighting and seeking for a way to change this society. It is very important to have this newspaper available for people; this can change their lives and enable them to take part in making revolution.

Not too long ago I was having a conversation with someone who mentioned the discontent he felt with society and how much he wanted to change the oppressive situation that millions of children and people face. He told me a story that he heard on the news about a small town south of Mexico City where the population there is made up of indigenous people coming from different parts of the country. The report emphasized the daily struggle that children go through to get to school. The children had to walk for miles a day barefoot because they did not even have shoes and their diet consisted of “Quelites,” a native plant that grows wild in that town. This person was almost crying, feeling so angry and powerless for not being able to change the situation of these children. He thought that the best way he could help was by sending many pairs of shoes to these children or donating money so they could have a good meal. I asked him, “What’s gonna happen when they grow out of the shoes next year?”  He looked at me with an even bigger question on his face! Then I said how about trying to change the whole system that keeps them in this oppressive situation. This is when I mentioned that working with Revolution and building the ground for a communist revolution can actually change and bring forward a world where this situation will cease to exist, where all the people in the world will be treated as human beings and nothing less.

I tell this story to urge all of you who would like to contribute to change the pitiful and unnecessarily horrible living conditions of people around the world, to get involved and contribute to something that can bring real change in the world. If you are really willing to change this imperialist and oppressive world, you need to become more involved with Revolution newspaper.

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