Revolution #179, October 11, 2009

From a volunteer—a student from another country, translated this for Revolution

Through being a volunteer with Revolution newspaper, I am turning ideas and feelings into action. And not just something that is confined to one country. We are still living right now in times of wars and poverty. And it seems like it's just getting worse. When people think about the center of the world, they probably think about Wall Street, or some country rich in resources created by capitalism. The real center of the world is places where people have been victimized by capitalist big powers. Think about the relationship between the world, and yourself, as an individual. Then you will see that this situation—people who have been victimized—is not something too far away, that you have no relationship with. You would be able to see that well. And I think that's why I'm helping put out Revolution.

One of the things I did was look for photos of police brutality. These were photos, simply photos, that appeared in the newspaper. But I learned that these images have a big effect on people who read the newspaper. I learned this when I tried to distribute the newspaper. Some people don't want to see it, but some people saw just one picture and they were interested in what happened. We spent six to seven hours in front of a computer to choose two pictures. It wasn't wasted time. I learned that various people's stories, what happens to Black youth, and the truth, can come out from one photo.

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