Revolution #180, October 25, 2009

Pigs Demand That People Inform – While They Cover Up Their Own Crimes

Mayor Daley and the Chicago Police Department have decried the silence from the youth and their refusal to turn in names to the police of people who were involved in the fight (under the circumstances, a form of resistance against the constant police repression). CNN even did a special report about youth not snitching. It is really a sick joke that the police are going after the students for not snitching, when the police themselves completely uphold the Blue Wall of Silence in protecting brutal and murdering police. In case after sordid case, the police have refused to break ranks against their fellow marauders and murderers. And when someone has, other police have visited retribution on them. And the legal process itself is set up to PROTECT the cop when police kill, a secret investigation takes place by the so-called Independent Police Review Authority that conceals the name of the murdering cop until the investigation is over. The killer cop who shot Corey Harris in the back after school is still unnamed and unindicted.  There is no official or media hue and cry over this.  There is no official call to root out the violence of the police. There is no call to wipe out the “culture of violence” and “code of silence” among the police, and for them to start turning in each other for their crimes. Why? Because this is an acceptable and necessary part of running a system that has no place or future for whole sections of the people. They are serving and protecting the interests of this capitalist system, that is their job.

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