Revolution #181, November 1, 2009

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World Can’t Wait on PBS’s
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

The October 20 edition of the PBS network’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer included an 8½-minute report on the controversy at the University of California, Berkeley over the demand that Boalt Hall law professor John Yoo be fired. Yoo was one of the key lawyers in the Bush administration who wrote memos giving legal justification for the use of waterboarding and other torture against prisoners held by the U.S. The report includes interviews with people taking opposing sides in the controversy, including Boalt Hall dean Christopher Edley, who defends Yoo, and Stephanie Tang of World Can’t Wait, which has been playing a leading role in the struggle to get Yoo fired. Check it out!

The streaming video of the NewsHour report is at:

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