Revolution #192, February 14, 2010

Join special efforts to spread Bob Avakian’s Revolution talk during Black History Month:

Beginning today and for the next four weeks, new clips from Bob Avakian’s talk, Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About will be posted online at and  These will focus on the history and present day reality of the oppression of Black people, and the kind of revolution it will take to liberate Black people, as a part of emancipating all of humanity.  This will be an important opportunity to introduce people broadly to Bob Avakian and all the answers posed in this powerful talk concentrating “the revolution we need and the leadership we have.”  Everyone who wants to see this out there should begin now making plans to get these clips online—to campus list-servs, via email to Black studies or history profs, think about teachers you know who are in relevant academic associations, etc.  Also, these should go out online to education and cultural blogs, and all over Facebook—talk with individuals you know about posting these on their FB pages every week or getting them out on other online social networks.  Funds need to be raised for focused advertising. 

Along with these online efforts, February 22-28 will be a week of concentrated on-the-ground promotion.  There are stickers and postcards available online along with one-page sheets utilizing quotes from the talk itself.  These are particularly powerful as these quotes concentrate powerful truths that can stop people in their tracks, provoke them to look at something in a new and different way and may inspire people to go check out the full talk.  Finally, there will be a new flyer available about these clips for Black History Month this week at and  This week of focused on-the-ground promotion will build off other efforts at saturating areas with revolutionary materials but should focus on high schools and colleges.  People should make plans and begin outreach now.  There are all kinds of ways people can be involved but they need to be brought in on these plans right away.  Contact student groups (in particular, though not only, Black student unions that will probably be very active during this month), professors and teachers you know or want to get to know about this.  There are community groups and charter schools that would also want to schedule someone to come in, play a clip and open up discussion on these urgent questions.

The REVOLUTION is real. Watch it. Spread it.

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