Revolution #197, April 4, 2010

Get Ready For... Special Issue of Revolution on the Environmental Emergency

The upcoming Revolution that will go online and be out on the streets the week of April 12 will be a special issue focusing on the environmental emergency that humanity now faces.

Global climate change and other factors are coming together to confront us with the threat of massive extinction of species—and even beyond that, the possible collapse of whole ecosystems and transformation to a different kind of planet that could endanger the very existence of humanity.

The special Revolution issue will connect the dots on the dimensions of this unprecedented crisis. But in order to really deal with this emergency, our actions must be based on an understanding of the actual causes of the problem—and so the special issue will show how the environmental emergency is rooted in the capitalist system. And the issue will give people a sense that there is a way forward for humanity—a revolutionary society in which we could actually live as custodians of nature, rather than its plunderers.

The special environment issue will speak to—and needs to reach—a broad range of people: from scientists to prisoners in America’s bulging dungeons... from youth in the inner cities to students in the “elite” universities... from immigrants working as modern-day slaves to activists in the environmental movement... and our readers internationally, from Mexico to Germany to India and elsewhere.

So, we call on our readers to prepare NOW for the special environment issue:

Very important, start raising funds now for this issue for the costs of production (like powerful photographs), printing, and distribution.

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