Revolution #198, April 11, 2010

A Prisoner Writes to Revolution

"I'm just amazed at the whole realm of science"

Greetings 'rades,

Got the literature you sent. This will keep me busy for a while. And as well it's good to have some good study material at hand for the brothers here.

I have been trying to get deeper into the theoretical and philosophical questions as regards communist application. I like to study so many different fields of science, all of it basically. I'm just amazed at the whole realm of science, especially how everything is interconnected. I was reading Stephen Hawking and he had insinuated that all the different forms of matter are just one different primary element (hydrogen), that the early universe just composed that basic element and at the big bang, once the universe expanded and the hydrogen atom went to war with itself, all the other elements were formed. No, of course, he didn't say it like I did, and I wouldn't even call that paraphrasing. I let another brother read the book so I can't quote verbatim but this was how I understood it. And the fact that all these different galaxies actually have a history, that even the earth was once just a gas ball, and that if not for the sun we would go flying off. The law of gravity, special and general relativity, natural selection—I'm just awed at it all. I mean all these specialists in all these different fields, yet we still don't know the half of it. And we will never know some things. I know some of those people must pull out their hair, dumbfounded for an answer. I do, and I'm no specialist at all.

There's also something that leads me on dialectical materialism. I do see how if we all did our jobs well, we could help untangle some of the things that hinder people like Hawking or even Einstein for that matter, with his statement, "God doesn't play dice." And Hawking, who can take us on a theoretical journey to the beginning of time, who by his own work's admission, discards any concept of gods, yet he still states some things are meant for god to understand.

Anyways, as I stated, I do see where we are to enter the stage and how, if we do it right, we can bring into life a thing that we all may indulge in the intoxication of potential. And on a philosophical level as well as ideological level, imagine what we could do! Talk about potential. But even now I get riled up just to do battle on these fronts. It's the only way life even begins to resemble living. As Marx stated, various philosophers have interpreted the world; the point however is to change it!


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And that is what I'm dying to do. So anyways, thanks for the material. They will be used well!!

You guys have a gold mine on your hands. Bob Avakian is no joke… It must be all those years of struggle that allows him to put down his orientation so lively. He has what it takes to indulge millions…. Would love to rap with him.

Let me tilt the revolutionary rose for now. Love you guys. Remain vigilant.

In struggle,

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