Revolution #200, May 1, 2010

“From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist”

Carl Dix served time in Leavenworth Prison for refusing orders to go to Vietnam. On his “From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist” tour, he has challenged students at historically Black campuses: Don’t follow the shameful legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers (Black cavalry units formed to suppress Native Americans after the Civil War). “If you follow in the footsteps of the Buffalo Soldiers, you will be called on to do just like they did: commit horrible acts against people who have done nothing to you.” Instead, Carl said: “What people need to be about is making revolution to sweep all that away, not fighting to help keep this system in effect.”

Carl Dix has brought this message to the historically Black campuses: Atlanta University, Texas Southern University in Houston, and Howard University in D.C. where tough questions were raised, including whether youth caught up in gangs can get into something more meaningful. “The youth didn’t create the situation they’re caught up in,” Carl Dix said. “The capitalist system and its chase after profits did. We in the RCP take that truth out to the youth and everybody else, and on that basis we challenge them to get out of that situation and get with the revolution.”

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