Revolution #213, October 10, 2010

A suggestion for taking out the new, special issue of Revolution: Bastion of Enlightenment... or Enforcer for Imperialism: The Case of ISRAEL

An idea from a reader for creating controversy and curiosity, and compelling students in particular to get this issue:
Pass out either or both parts of the online quiz on Israel to students in cafeterias, classes, and so on. And then be outside later (or come back around the cafeteria, coffee shop, etc) and challenge people to buy the special issue. You can also make the answers available – but the main thing should be to challenge people to get the issue.

This approach can be used other places as well, with teachers, activists, religious groups and so on. Use the quiz with them, and let them have it as a tool to open people’s minds and provoke interest. And be sure they order sufficient copies of the special issue for their entire class/congregation/group meeting. And use this one-two package of the quiz with the special issue to challenge people with financial resources to pay for dozens or hundreds of copies to fulfill the needs of classes and organizations for this issue.

Printable PDFs of the quiz are at:

Part 1: The Origins of the State of Israel, the Palestinians, and the Holocaust

Part 2: Israel and Comparisons to Apartheid South Africa

Answers: Part 1 answers are at Part 2 answers are at People taking the quiz can be given these links to look up answers as part of encouraging them to buy the paper The point is for people to confront how seriously they have been kept in the dark and misinformed, and get this issue to change that.

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