Revolution #215, October 31, 2010

The article in this week’s issue of Revolution (#215) provides important and basic guidance for taking the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) way out into the world.


1. Find lots of ways of involving and relying on people in all the plans to get the Constitution out to many different people and raise funds for printing and promotion. The November 10 release parties should be a certain leap in bringing together those we have reached with the Constitution and a platform from which to go out more broadly. We need to come out of the release parties with many people enlisted in taking out, reading and making plans to discuss the Constitution. Make allowances for the fact that more than a few people will want to read and discuss the Constitution first, before taking it out; provide the ways for them to do this.

2. Combine very broad work to distribute and popularize the Constitution with going deeply with people, encouraging people to read and dig into the content of the Constitution and where possible getting together with them to get into it.

3. Systematic plans should be conceived of and implemented with the object of maximizing the impact of this Constitution. For instance, at key campuses, we should not only have available and be distributing the Constitution (and promotional materials) among students and organizing discussions of the Constitution, we should also be concentrating on key departments...getting the promotional materials out to all the profs in that department as well as in specific classes. Posters and palmcards announcing this historic publication should appear everywhere!

4. Think about and proceed in all you do from the potential this Constitution has to contribute to repolarization for revolution and to changing the whole way people think about the possibility of a real alternative to the present system—and the necessity to work to bring that alternative into being.

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