Revolution #223, January 23, 2011

Readers Respond to a "Toughest Question"

The following are reader responses to a "toughest question" submitted by a reader and printed in last week's issue of Revolution. That question included the following: "The words in your name are loaded with almost 100 years of a massive negative thought campaign against them. Those words evoke frightening images of atheism, terrifying nuclear war, duck and cover, loss of personal property, gulags, Siberia, and so many many more horrifying images that were drilled into the heads of the American public."

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This is a comment on the "toughest question" of "your name scares away millions". I've been asked the same question, and feel it is a valid concern. But I think you must take the frontal approach as you've been doing with Set the Record Straight Project, etc. If you make up some nice sounding name, it will in the end just make you look (and be) so phony and manipulative to a person, because to get fully involved that person must finally understand Marxist theory, and communism, which is what you have to know to work towards the emancipation of humanity with a classless and stateless society and all that entails to get there. You just would not be fooling anybody, and it would be completely unprincipled and dishonest. Sure Republicans or Tea Party hide behind nice names, but the people will sooner or later find out what is behind those names, and then those names themselves take on their true evil connotation. That's my two cents.

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In response to the turn off of millions to the name "Revolutionary Communist Party"...millions is still a very small number, compared to the number of people who would support and defend a group of scientists who stayed true to the line, "the emancipation of all of humanity"...all the work done on this piece of the planet, the last 35 years... we keep running into people saying "WOW the RCP! Still for real? I hadn't seen no revolution for 30 years," etc. The RCP stays true! So the sentiment remains among the masses, ebbs and flows, but does not dissipate but in fact spreads! The masses have their own "polls" that will not be on T.V. and though it may be true that the revolution will not be televised, the apologists of the system sure are going to squawk and screech just before! And to talk about "scary" at least 100 million people in this country live a real Halloween every day, everybody saying "BOO", trick or treat, and wearing disguises! The Revolutionary Communist Party is for truth, they are in it for the long run, and because they stay true, they have even more support than can be documented! At a local bulletin board in a store, RCP flyers remain posted lately, come to find out the employees are all pissed at the owners!

From a Revolution newspaper distributor in the Midwest.

The Toughest Questions You Face...

We want to know the toughest questions that you run up against. When you are getting out Revolution newspaper, or wearing the T-shirt with the image of Bob Avakian, or in some other way representing for revolution... what questions do you run up against that provoke you, or intrigue you, or bother you—and that you want help understanding and answering. Especially if you are newer to the movement, or cut off from other revolutionaries—we want to hear from you. Send us the questions you run up against, and we'll do our best to answer them. Not only that, we'll ask everyone else who reads the paper for help. If you can, tell us a little bit about who tends to ask you these questions, and how you understand and respond to them. You might also want to let us know a little bit about what you're doing—without going into specifics, in what kind of situation are you building the movement? For instance, whether you are selling the paper on a campus, or wearing the BA T-shirt in a neighborhood, or debating with people in prison, etc. But that's optional. The main thing is this: we want to hear the questions you're running up against.

You can send your questions to RCP Publications, PO Box 3486, Chicago, IL 60654. Or, email us at, or use the Comments link at

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