Cornel West interviews Bob Avakian on this week's Smiley & West show on Public Radio International

Smiley & West Show Radio Stations/Times

October 6, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |

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Most stations have "Listen Live" on the home page



KALW-FM 91.7
San Francisco CA Friday 2pm PT

K258BS-FM 99.5
China Lake CA Saturday 11am PT

KXSR-FM 91.7
Groveland/Sonora CA Sunday at 7pm PT

KPFK-FM 90.7
Los Angeles CA Saturday 11am PT

KPCC-FM 89.3
Los Angeles / Pasadena CA Saturday at 10pm PT

KQNC-FM 88.1
Quincy CA Sunday at 7pm PT

K229BO-FM 93.7
Rancho Bernardo CA Saturday 11am PT

KUOR-FM 89.1
Redlands, CA Saturday at 10pm PT

KXJZ-FM 90.9
Sacramento, CA Sunday at 7pm PT

KXPR-FM 88.9
Sacramento CA Sunday at 7pm PT

K254AH 98.7
Santa Barbara CA Saturday 11am PT

KUOP-FM 91.3
Stockton, CA Sunday at 7pm PT

KXJS-FM 88.7
Sutter/Yuba City, CA Sunday at 7pm PT

WEAA-FM 88.9 and WYPR-FM 88.1
Baltimore MD Sunday 6pm ET, Sunday 7pm ET

WAMC-AM 1400 & 1150
Albany NY Saturday 3pm ET
1400 and 1150 AM air the Tavis Smiley Show (Smiley-West is second hour, at 3pm)

New York NY Sunday 7pm ET

WCPN-FM 90.3
Cleveland OH Saturday 10pm ET

WCBE-FM 90.5
Columbus OH Friday 8pm ET

WRNI-AM 1290
Providence RI Saturday 9pm ET

KUHF-FM 88.7
Houston, TX Saturday 10pm CT

KUOW-FM 94.9
Seattle WA Sunday 4pm PT

WVPN-FM 88.5
Charleston WV Sunday 8pm ET

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