From a Lower East Side Project: “The Water Tanks Have Run Out”

October 31, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper |


Bloomberg hasn't mentioned anything about the Lower East Side. Im pretty sure he's mentioned about Battery Park City. I'm pretty sure he mentioned about Chelsea, Tribeca. Why not the Lower East Side? Where we got hit the hardest due to the fact that we got the river here. We have the river right beside us where it's surged almost 12 feet. Covering all of our area here in the LES, all the premises here. There hasn't been no clean up. Nothing. I mean, no one's telling us anything. you know, we have to go by radio. We have no way of getting contact. We have no cell phone, because there's no charger. We have nothing. We're like in No Man's Land. The water tanks have run out.

Housing project residents in lower Manhattan getting drinking water from a fire hydrant

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