First Revolution/ Sustainer Drive Comes to a Close

An Important Beginning... And Revolutionary Appreciation

February 17, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


“RCP is the only true communist party in the U.S., no bullshit, no compromises.”

– a reader committing to regular monthly support

“I just wanted to let you know that in light of the emergency situation with Revolution newspaper not having the needed funds, I am doubling my pledge from $75/mth to $150/mth. I think that it would be catastrophic if Revolution was not to be in existence... It would be horrific if this newspaper was to close down and a huge blow for building a movement for revolution so that there would be a fighting chance of getting rid of this system and bringing into being a system in which human beings can live like full human beings and not go through the dog eat dog crap.”

– a Revolution volunteer

“...I am donating as much as I currently can, while ordering the constitution of the party for demonstration purposes. I have been educating as many people as I can about the party and following the online newspaper for a while now, in so doing I am submitting my meager donation in the hopes that the revcom newspaper will continue to spread its vital message.”

– a reader

We announced at the beginning of the year that Revolution newspaper / cannot continue without your financial support, and the plan to let everyone know about this and bring forward people to meet this need—a sustained base of support. This issue of Revolution marks the close of the first focused effort at this. It is an important beginning to build on and carry this through.

We’ve found that this has strengthened an appreciation of the role this newspaper and website play in the possibility of humanity really getting emancipated, and a recognition that it can only play that role if WE take responsibility for it. This newspaper is about revolution, the communist revolution led by BA. It is indispensable. Sustaining this newspaper and website is an important part of building this movement for revolution.

So... Revolutionary appreciation to all those who have responded so far.  One person has sent the funds to cover the cost of a year of photos at $650 per month. Others committed to giving from $5 to $150 per month and gave this month’s installment.  These commitments matter a great deal for the future of humanity, and we are counting on you to follow through each month.

This is a good start.  We’ll be announcing the next phases of this initiative to break through on our financial crisis.  Meantime... correspondence helps us and the movement for revolution learn from our efforts.


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