A thought on building for the Premieres

February 28, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


I think it would be very good to develop some tags—short sharp formulations that go along with some of our promotional materials—that convey clearing one day to come together with others in theaters around the country to engage the most pressing questions of our time as spoken to by the leader who has made possible a whole new world.

Maybe the wording could be sharper, but what I am trying to get at is two dimensions we need to more project as very positive and part of what we are doing with this premiere. Both dimensions of this have to do with how this premiere is more than just something for your own education or edification. First, that it is a happening—an event around the country that will constitute a coming together to engage and get into this revolution and give the sense that this is part of going somewhere (even as people will be at different levels in wanting to attend and will relate to this in a variety of ways). The second dimension is the “Clear the day” part—actually making clear that this is not just a film, this is a day spent together with others experiencing the leadership of BA. The 6+ hours is a reflection of seriousness and I think we have to make this a much more positive part of what we are projecting—or else we won’t get people on the right basis (the possibility of people leaving after an hour or two and the possibility of people actually not realizing until the day before or week before that it is an all day commitment and having real-world conflicts that they could have prepared for if they had really been clear on what this entails). I really feel that the thing of “clear the day to join with others nationwide to hear from the leader of the revolution, because the world does not have to be this way” or something else that captures this, would be important.

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