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March 10, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


8 people in my office of about 20 at a cultural institution in a big city wore hoodies on 2/26 in honor of Trayvon and to be part of the national day to demand justice for him.

Usually at work around events I'd talk to people as individuals. This time I put up a poster about the Trayvon protests and made an announcement inviting people to come to the protest and wear hoodies to work. This allowed people who knew about Trayvon to talk to others about it. I was surprised by who ended up wearing hoodies, including some newer, young people I didn't know. Everyone was excited to be part of the national day. And now I have some new people to talk to about the film! When I put up a poster about the film with some pluggers attached, I noticed one young woman had a plugger at her desk. I asked if she wanted more. She said, "Oh, you're the radical. I'm always looking for something really radical." She bought a ticket, and another young woman that I've known for a while. Even my boss, when I asked for a week off to build for the film, engaged me about it, like why should someone like him come to the film. I summed up that doing things in a mass way conveys more seriousness, draws forward new people, and creates a better climate to sell tickets and struggle with people to come to the film.


Comment: Going to people in a mass way creates better conditions. Now follow-up and follow-through important; do people want to do more?

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