Involving people in the whole process

March 10, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


An important and significant thing from that day is that masses did join in with us, L from the Bronx, the two young guys from the projects, as well as S who is an African-American guy in his early 30s who lives in the projects ... After going to [a political event] with us and being part of handing out materials afterwards he wasn’t yet ready to buy the ticket. After he stayed for the entire summation where we were really as a team of scientists looking at where we were at in relationship to what’s needed, including a lot around how we were selling tickets and why people should get them on the spot, he came right up to me and said, “I need to get my ticket, I realized I can’t miss this.” At the beginning of the summation we were talking about the debate and he opened up about some of his experience having grown up in and now living in the projects, with stop-and-frisk, saying that he had been stopped and frisked 30 times in one year and even had a situation where he felt he was a split second from “being a Trayvon Martin or Sean Bell.” This is someone who really wants revolution and is seriously checking this out.


Comment: Actual participation in the work to build the premiere, and then participating in collective summation afterward relating that work to our overall goals, leads someone to buy a ticket.

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