Watching the Rough Cut with a Group of Friends

March 9, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


(Translated from Spanish)


A group of friends got together to watch the rough cut of the film of the new talk by BA, BA speaks: REVOLUTION — NOTHING LESS! And we were really lucky to be able to see it before the premiere.

This really inspired us and gave us enthusiasm to see all of it through to the end. We didn’t have much discussion, but we made comments on some of the points mentioned in the talk, but without getting into them very deeply.

At the end of the talk, we started to talk a bit about some of the observations in the course of the talk. Each person understands the talk at different levels. On the one hand, one of the people watching it was doubting about the possibility of revolution. He mentioned BA’s method, his vast history, that he knows and explains things. He thinks that there is nothing greater in this that the scientific method, but that BA knows what he is saying. We also talked about how it’s very hard for the masses to change, if they don’t fight against the injustices of this system, at the same time as they are learning about the nature of the same system.

Someone also mentioned that if you don’t oppose the system, “it will pull you” and drown you again within its confines.

Another compañero said that he was feeling like this was in the past, but that he wanted to return again to the struggle.

At the end, we talked a bit about the challenge posed in this talk and the talk’s importance. A compañero who had contributed on several occasions by translating articles for the newspaper, etc. committed to doing this work more consistently.

Another compañero who was active in the 1970’s said that he felt tired with the passing of the years, but that he would see about contributing as best he could, without committing himself.

I think that it was good to show the rough cut and for sure plan to invite many more people to attend the Premiere and encourage others to see and promote this talk BA speaks: REVOLUTION — NOTHING LESS!, by organizing sessions like these and on a bigger scale, in small or big groups, stimulating discussion, and learning as much as possible both from the content as well as the method used by BA.

Despite the fact that English is not my native language, I had enough patience to listen closely to be able to understand as much as I could. This reminds me of what one of the compañeros said to me, that if you are going to raise so much money, you should add [Spanish] subtitles to the film or something.

And in fact, that’s not a bad idea, but what is really needed is that more people with bilingual abilities who want to see this film in other languages get with this movement and contribute, by translating the film of this talk into other languages for those people who don’t speak English and so will be able to listen to it in their own language and understand its content and approach better. BA takes care of the rest, but everyone has to attend to see the premiere of:


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