Why Go to This Film Premiere?

March 8, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Why go to this film premiere? Simply: It's by far the most important thing people could be doing that day–it's dealing with the most important thing there could be–because it's about the real possibility of bringing into being a radically different world, where all this madness, all the oppression and injustice, all the abuse and degradation that is so much a part of life now, would be done away with. If anybody can think of anything more important than that–let's hear it!



New York City

Saturday, March 16, 1 pm - 8 pm
AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 Theater

2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (at 124th Street)
Harlem, NYC

$20.00 General Admission,
$10.00 Unemployed and Youth;
$75.00 Premium Seats

Tickets and more information:

See film trailer for Magic Johnson Theater:

A "before the film" commercial that you actually want to see:  "BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less" ... at the Movies!


Saturday, March 16, 1 pm - 8 pm
Ferguson Hall at Columbia College

600 S Michigan Ave. (Harrison & Michigan)
Chicago, IL

$5 Youth/Students/Low-income;
$15 General Admission.
Food served at intermission.
Take CTA Red Line to Harrison stop.

Tickets, parking, childcare and other info:

Los Angeles

Saturday, March 16, 1 pm - 8 pm
L.A. Theatre Center

514 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA

$20.00 General Admission,
$10.00 Students
$100 Premium Tickets with DVD of the film and VIP Seating
Food available. Contact us for childcare.

Tickets and more information:
Revolution Books, 5726 Hollywood Blvd.
or UCLA, Carter Huggins Hall, Rm 1232
(also known as Campbell Hall)

SF Bay Area

Sunday, March 17, 1 pm - 8 pm
Laney College Theater

900 Fallon St. (at 9th St.)
1 block from Lake Merritt BART Station
Oakland, CA

Tickets $5-$20
Child Care Available
Contact Revolution Books Berkeley for tickets and information: 510-848-1196, revolutionbooks@sbcglobal.net, www.revolutionbooks.org



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