"After seeing and hearing BA's talk I laid awake and thought long and hard…"

March 10, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


From an activist and organizer:

After seeing and hearing BA's talk I laid awake and thought long and hard about my life and what it was going to be about from here on out. After all I have been an activist and organizer trying to mobilize people to resist and oppose the crimes of the U.S. and while resistance is critical it will go nowhere unless people think about what's next...what would really bring to an end to murderous wars for empire, the oppression of woman and minorities, and the destruction of the environment?...certainly not just resisting and winning a gain here and there...humanity needs to go further in order bring an to end, once and for all, these horrors. BA breaks it all down from covering all the horrors of this capitalist imperialist system, why reforms and economist points of view and relativist points of view are a dead end and that revolution is the answer, to showing you a strategy for making a revolution...yes even in a country like the U.S. When you look at this system and all the heartache and suffering it causes and you've been part of the struggle like I have to stop these crimes because you just can't look the other way and do nothing and you hear someone like BA who shows that it actually is possible to sweep away a system that not only allows for these crimes but also relies upon them in order to keep functioning and serving the ruling class and you could actually be a part of something truly emancipating.

Well when you hear someone like BA and in his BA way bring it all into focus you can't just walk away from that and not think anything of it...you could try, but I bet you'd be going about your life and every once in awhile it will be tickling the back of your mind or some jolt will happen in the world like Trayvon Martin or you hear more children were killed in a drone strike or maybe some injustice happens to you or someone close to you and you'll remember this talk and what will you do then? I'll just end this by saying this if you know this system is nothing but a horror for the majority of humanity and you wonder if there is anything YOU could do to be a part of transforming the world then you need to see this film.


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