From Barney Bush

March 15, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


From Barney Bush, Writer/Teacher/Native community chairman/Father/Grandfather and Activist in the honor of our homelands and the next seven plus generations

I am aware that we are at the crossroads where we are unable to recover any of the thousands of species destroyed by industrialization within just the last five years (about two hundred a day, so I hear). Having said that, we are already outside the realm of quick fixes for recovering the earth, air and water. Mining/fracking/drilling/crushing corporations realize that they have been given free rein from the legal system to do as they wish...maybe not exactly free; it's in exchange for the mining and drug company moneys that elected them to office, and none pretends to hide it. Not enough know yet, to care.... Colonialism, or any of its subsidiaries: democracy, republic, capitalism, Christianity, has done a good job at imprinting all of us, most of us, with criminal views of truth, good health, respect, courage, confidence, creativity, communication, perseverance,  prosperity, and the simple organic feeding of one's family and him/herself. I am coming to Chicago to the premiere of the film, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! to find connections that, through intellectual and common sense organization, will help us to make the impending disasters survivable.

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