Report from Seattle on showing of BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!

March 28, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


Last Sunday, March 24, Revolution Books in Seattle was at times filled to overflowing with a total of 40 people watching the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! It was a diverse crowd of various nationalities and ages. Although some people did leave early, a number of them said they wished they could stay for the rest of it, with some of them leaving with a copy of the DVD or plans for getting the DVD.

People interacted with the movie at different parts, laughing where BA talks about the blues and why it's not called "the American dream," or saying "Yes!" to what he was calling out about the "Founding Fathers," or putting their hands over their mouth in shock or saying "uh-huh" when BA was speaking about what Barack Obama was doing.

The conversation during the intermission was lively and intense in the crowded room, so much so that some almost didn't partake in the food. Many were very moved and inspired by what BA was saying. Religion was one controversial aspect of the film for some.

Some examples of thoughts shared during intermission and after the film:

A couple, a Black husband and Latina wife, had several comments. They said what was discussed in the film were things that they talked about all the time amongst themselves. They had relatives from Latin America who had been deported, and other family members who had been in prison. The wife had one parent who is serving a life sentence on the "three strikes" rule. The husband was concerned that the religion part was going to be controversial because many Black people are religious. A relative who was with this couple didn't agree with the religion part either, but made a point of saying that she appreciated that BA was open about what he thinks, and that she knew people who were religious who needed to hear what BA was saying, particularly around what he was speaking to about rape and how it's a global systemic epidemic. The man also remarked "I am surprised more Black people aren't here, more Black people need to hear this." 

A person who has been around the movement for a while said that he was really engrossed even though he had only gotten a few hours of sleep beforehand. He mentioned how he teared up during the part about gang unity. This was a part of the film that others felt moved by as well. He ended up donating everything out of his wallet because this was "...just too good, and it needs to get out there."

Another Black man who came was from New Orleans. He had been affected by Hurricane Katrina, and then when he started to get on his feet again, was put out of work by the BP oil spill. He responded to the part where BA exposed the truth about the Founding Fathers, and remarked afterward that this is the kind of thing no one really says. He said this was unusual, because if you do, you are marginalized, attacked and called unpatriotic. Still, it was clear he agreed this was all true. He said that everything BA was talking about were things that he lived through, and that many people he knew were either dead or in prison, and he was just lucky that he wasn't. He appreciated the engagement with others gathered to see the film, and made it clear he intended to have more contact.

A white youth was amazed by how dense the film was in information and ideas, and most of all how this was a perspective that you can't get elsewhere. For example, he was really struck by the fact that when BA was talking about the "LA rebellion" he realized he had never before heard it referred to in all the various media as anything but the "LA riots."

At the end of the evening there were people leaving with DVD's and talking to revolutionaries about ideas for follow-up. This included people hooking up for an open house at the book store the next evening, plans about outreach, and recognition of the need to get back to people who wanted the DVD but hadn't had the money. There was also talk of more showings. One young woman intends to set up a showing in a rural area where people live in an alternative type of setting. Opportunities are emerging to spread this summoning to revolution!

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