The Film Shows BA's "Love for the Masses"

April 15, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


I have already read the book, "BAsics" by Bob Avakian and enjoyed it.  I also enjoy Revolution the publication.  But the film, "Revolution, Nothing Less" actually really shows Bob's love for the masses.  I most enjoyed his analogy of people who evoke "the founding fathers" who were nothing but racist, sexist, slave owning, native killing, white male property owners.  Bob also called out people who were in their comfort zones, but see the everyday injustices done to young African Amerikkkan males being murdered by police, as well as the mass deportation of Latino (Brown) people.  The scapegoating of Muslims, etc....we live in an economic system that thrives on exploitation to survive.  Bob does a good job of pointing that out.


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