South Central LA March Against Police Murder: "Justice for Terry Laffitte!"

May 27, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

On Saturday, May 25, a powerful and defiant night-time march took over half of Alameda St. on the east side of South Central LA, demanding justice for Terry Laffitte who was murdered by sheriffs the week before. Dozens of people marched while others followed in cars with passengers hanging out the windows holding signs, and many, many cars passing by on this busy street waved their support or pulled out cell phones to capture the inspiring protest. As the four-and-a-half-mile march entered Watts and got closer to the notorious Lynwood Sheriff's station, sheriff cars started to pull up behind the protest, demanding that cars pull over and then threatening over loudspeakers to arrest everyone refusing to leave the street. Furious family members shouted back, "What are you going to do, kill us?" and "murderers!" while others shouted out "Fuck the police" and "They can't arrest us all," continuing the march all the way to the station and then marching inside, demanding justice and the names of the murderers.

Terry Laffitte

Terry Laffitte, 50 years old and the father of three daughters, was attacked and killed by sheriffs in his own backyard, after they stopped him for riding his bicycle erratically as he pulled into the driveway where he lived. The sheriffs beat Terry, throwing him to the ground. While he lay there, having difficulty breathing, according to what his sister told Channel 9 news, the sheriffs shot him in the back of the head. His relatives witnessing and videoing everything were also brutalized and their cell phones were snatched. The sheriffs then immediately arrested everyone in the house, branding his relatives in the news as "gang members" and claiming Terry Laffitte had a gun. The house had been filled with mainly young women and children. Along with the adults, five children under the age of six were taken by the sheriffs, including a three-week-old baby.

The righteous fury of Terry Laffitte's family poured out into the streets at a time when police in Southern California have shot 21 people in a month. One of his relatives brought a sign that said, "On May 18th 2013, around 9:00 pm Terry Laffitte was murdered by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He was an innocent unarmed man he did not resist arrest. As he laid on the ground defenseless police officers beat him repeatedly. Shortly after, they murdered him… another case of excessive force and police brutality. When will it stop? He was not an animal and did not deserve to be treated and murdered like one. He was a loving father, brother, uncle, son and friend…."

The Revolution Club South Central joined in the march carrying an enlarged poster of the front cover of Revolution newspaper, "WE SAY NO MORE," and talked with people about the answer to "when will it stop?"—the need for revolution and nothing less, and the leadership we have to make that revolution. Near the end of the protest at the Sheriff's station we led the crowd in a "mic check" of quote 1:24 from Bob Avakian in BAsics on the role of the police, a quote appreciated by many there. And throughout the night, many people got the newspaper especially because of the front cover together with the centerfold poster of "NO MORE." There was also deep interest in the national hoodie day for justice for Trayvon Martin on June 10 and the emergency call to stand with the prisoners going on a nationwide hunger strike in July.

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