June 9, 2013 | Revolution Newspaper | is a unique, inviting, and challenging presence on the Internet. There's just nothing else on the web like—in content or style. Here all kinds of people can find both philosophical and political challenges to engage and get with the revolution, as well as practical and organizational channels to do so. The website——can and must play a pivotal role in putting the new stage of communist revolution on the map, and carrying out our strategy for revolution.

The radically transformed, revitalized launched last October. But it is still WAY too much of a secret.

We can begin to change that immediately! Here's how:

Make sure the URL appears everywhere people are refusing to be beaten down… everywhere people resist injustice… and in environments where the oppressive ideology and outlook of the system is being challenged. The URL needs to be in the mix all summer and beyond: on signs and t-shirts, from the stage and (where appropriate) on the walls, in online links from social media and other websites, and throughout society.

Also: Use and spread the QR code. And spread the word that people can subscribe to the Revolution e-sub list by texting REVCOM to 22828.

Send your experiences, questions, insights, and photos of promoting to:


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